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Please Note: Colors are sometimes limited by availability, may vary from dye lot to dye lot. If an exact color, color pattern, or print is required, please ask for samples before ordering. Since some colors and materials are not colorfast under all conditions we can not warrant against fading or bleeding. To reduce chances of colors bleeding, remove promptly from the washing machine and avoid compression, wringing, and crumpling jumpsuit while damp. Supplex: Back to Top of Page

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This is one of the finest materials ever found for skydiving jumpsuits and it comes in a multitude of colors. Other companies may refer to Supplex as Cot'en felt or Ultralight but it's all Supplex. This high-tech nylon fabric looks, breathes, and feels like soft cotton. Because Supplex is made of finer, more numerous fibers than regular nylon, it has greater yarn flexibility, softness, and strength. Supplex is several times stronger than either ripstop or taffeta nylons and less susceptible to snags. Some of the benefits of Supplex are that it is windproof but still breaths, cottony-soft yet strong, water repellent and quick drying, stain and fade resistant, lightweight, and comfortable. In free-fall, Supplex can fall fast yet is easy to fly and it has an extraordinary dynamic range (the difference in how fast and how slow you can fall with it). The bottom line, it flies great. Supplex yields a faster fall rate than heavier materials but it is not quite as fast as taffeta. Heavier skydivers should take this into consideration when ordering suits.

Medium Weight Poly/Cotton
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This herringbone twill is heavier than Supplex but lighter than acrylic or cotton duck. Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton yarn, this material is durable, abrasion resistant, and easy to care for. Used as the inner lining for Supplex, it is a perfect weight for heavier skydivers while maintaining the appearance and color selection of a Supplex suit. Used alone, this material is ideal for military type Double Zipper jumpsuits, for the cost conscious, and for student suits.

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Our Spandex is the finest available. It is both strong and attractive. Unless requested otherwise, we put the good looking shiny side out so your jumpsuit looks it's best. Keep in mind that the dull side is somewhat more resistant to abrasion and Velcro snags if that is a problem with your gear.

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Our solid color nylons are taffeta. Taffeta is stronger than ripstop nylon, but neither taffeta or ripstop is suitable for jumpsuits by themselves. Note that ripstop and taffeta materials are more susceptible to snags and tears than Supplex which will adversely effect normal wear and tear. To solve this problem, we line the nylon with Supplex so you get the performance of nylon and the strength and comfort of Supplex.

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Cordura is used for knee and butt pads or where additional abrasion resistance or weight is needed on suits.
Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Forest Green, Turquoise, Silver, Red, and White

Grip Trim and Tape
Colors: Black, Light Blue, Med. Blue (Lt), Med. Blue (Dk), Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, Fuchsia, Kelly Green, Lavender, Neon Green, Grey, Gold, Orange, Neon Orange, Pink, Neon Pink, Pewter, Purple, Neon Purple, Red, Rust, Silver, Tan, Neon Turquoise, White, Bright Yellow, and Neon Yellow.