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Measurement Guide
We want your new jumpsuit to fit you as perfectly as you do. See our Guarantee. To this end, we must rely on you for accurate measurements and appropriate instructions. The way you measure will determine how your jumpsuit fits. Remember to measure over applicable clothing, calling our attention to specific fit instructions, significant body characteristics, or relevant flight concerns. If you want plenty of room for a hard arch for example, take measurements in that position and tell us you've done so in the comments section of your order form. Giving us your dress shirt size (neck and sleeve length), jacket size (chest and torso), and pants size (waist and inseam) helps us to validate your measurements and give us some idea of how you like your clothing to fit. If you have questions, give us a call.

We would prefer to prevent problems rather than fix them later. Then, if you need your suit sized differently later, perhaps because you've gained a few pounds, tell us the location and how much to increase the sizing. Since our patterns are computer generated, it is easy for us to modify your next jumpsuit by simply referencing your instructions.

Body Figure for Measurement Guide
  1. Neck
  2. Shoulder Point to Shoulder Point
  3. Shoulder Point to Elbow
  4. Chest (maximum circumference)
  5. Waist (at true waistline)
  6. Back (base of neck to waistline)
  7. Crotch to Top of Knee Cap or Ankle (depends on jumpsuit)
  8. Inseam (to top of instep/foot)
  9. Calf (flexed)
  10. Lower Thigh (flexed)
  11. Upper Thigh (flexed)
  12. Hips (maximum fullness)
  13. Sleeve Length
  14. Wrist
  15. Biceps (flexed)
  16. Forearm (flexed)
  17. Zipper (throat cavity to crotch inseam)
  18. For Booties: Shoe Length/Width