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Body Sport USA has a wide variety of skydiving jumpsuits for you to choose from, no matter what your skill!

Comp Suit The Comp Suit is a close fitting Spandex enhanced jumpsuit designed for the competitor and the competitor at heart. This jumpsuit starts at $160.00 and can be customized with numerous options including our Flex-Wing.

Crater Suit The Crater Suit was designed to provide comfort, value and performance with style. It is ideal for skydivers needing a medium to high lift jumpsuit and for many skydivers buying their first jumpsuit. The jumpsuit starts at $150.00 and is easily customizable with numerous styles and options.

Double Zipper The Double Zipper Jumpsuit comes in two basic styles: Tactical and Uniform models. This basic jumpsuit is designed for military and rescue applications requiring easy donning over bulky footwear and has been supplied to units world wide. It can be customized with a warm lining or various styles of pockets.

Free Fly Suit The Freefly Jumpsuit turns skydiving upside down and does it starting at only $199.00. What style do you want? Choose from one of our standard styles or create one of your own.

Free Fly Pants The Body Sport Free Fly Pants are designed from the ground up to make your free flying experience the best there is. Starting at only $139.00, our Free Fly Pants will make an easy addition to your skydiving wardrobe!

Our Camera Suit is based on either the Crater Suit or the Comp Suit. Select which suit best suits your needs and a small or large wing is added. The Camera Suit offers comfort, style and tremendous fall rate range.